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                                                                                                                                                                                      November 21, 2014

To Whom It Concerns:          

            I, Caitlynn Bergenstock am resigning from the duties of maintaining the website and recording the points for the monthly tractor pulls.  The website bvama.net will be removed from the internet and the account will be cancelled due to the fact that Buffalo Valley Antique Machinery Association has not paid for the account.  The website account has been paid for by Walter C Katherman Jr from its start.  The points scale is 1st= 15pts, 2nd=14pts, 3rd=13pts, 4th=12pts, 5th=11pts, 6th=10pts, 7th=9pts, 8th=8 pts, 9th=7pts, 10th=6pts, and anything beyond that is 5pts.

            This resignation comes from the fact that this club is full of people who are too selfish and self-centered to see that the people they have driven away: myself, Walter and Cathy Katherman, the Buckley family, the McClean family, and others who were working for the good of the club.  I believe that some members of this organization are fearful of growth and that was what was happening, so they took the steps within their power to cause the growth to stop and drive away the members who were promoting this growth.

            According to the by-laws set forth by the founding members  of this organization, this group was founded on the basis of fellowship and striving to work together to preserve, promote, and educate others about history.  At this point in time, these by-laws have gone by the way side.  This club is so far from the original ideas that were set forth, it is ridiculous.  The officers of this organization have driven all fellowship this environment.  It is now a place of conflict and hateful feelings.  As for preserving history and educating the younger generations, that cannot be done because some people are too self-centered and agenda based to see that they have driven off spectators, members, and the younger generations away.   The attitude that the club does not need to change, grow, and embrace younger generations (WHICH IS THE FUTURE OF THE CLUB) will cause the Buffalo Valley Antique Machinery Association to fail the goals set forth by the founding members and ultimately be the demise of this organization.

            My resignation has not been influenced by family but by the actions of others.  I do not wish to be associated with an organization that is being operated by individuals who shun the idea of growth and friendship, but thrive on secrets and hidden agendas.  I hope that someday, the eyes of the members of this organization are opened and see the conflict and loss that this short sidedness and closed minds have caused before it is too late.  I hope that this letter has opened some eyes to the issues within this organization and take actions to save the future of this club.

            I hope that the members of the club see this letter as an insight into what is happening in the inner working of this association and want to see changes occur.  I would hate to this organization fail because of a few people.  Members of the Buffalo Valley Antique Machinery Association and tractor pullers, I am sorry to do this but I cannot in good mind be involved in an environment and situation where everything is questioned and trust does not exist. 

                                                                                                            In Hope for a Better Future,

                                                                                                            Caitlynn S. Bergenstock